Hi, I’m Katie. I’m 24 and I work in the finance industry in Charlotte, NC. What I’m really passionate about is a holistic approach to wellness and finding the most enjoyable and effective fitness methods. You could say I’m a health enthusiast, wellness fanatic, and product junkie. I’m a lover of trial and error and there is nothing I love more than a great life hack. I’m always on the prowl for the latest and greatest and the best of the best.

When I’m not working, you can can typically find me researching the latest wellness trends, working out, reading, or online shopping for things I don’t need.

This blog is my outlet of ramblings on things like overpriced workout wear, my quest for ridiculously perfect skin, life as a millennial, and understandable explanations of the latest wellness trends.


Things I like
…lists, coffee, endorphins, books, tattoos, the perfect jeans, spicy margaritas, big data, locally grown food, positivity, women supporting other women, a productive morning, aromatherapy, a green smoothie that tastes good, peanut butter, laughing so hard I cry. 

Things I dislike
…rude people, complacency, clutter, liars, cooking, full inboxes.