Friday Feels

By on September 8, 2017

A collection of people, places and things – or homes, outdoor spaces, cars, art, quotes, etc. that catch my eye.


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How’s your April? 

By on April 5, 2017

I came across this 60 second numerology quiz on MindBodyGreen as I was skimming through my News app that predicts what April has in store for you…I got 7 which seems to be pretty in line with my month as I’m trying to take more time to do yoga and practice silence and meditation! ✨🌞

MindBodyGreen – Numerology Quiz for April

What did y’all get?!

There’s also this amazing post from Well and Good about your shamanic energy in April. I’m all about some good energy lately.


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Starting your day.

By on April 4, 2017

Good morning! So each day I like to remind myself of this quote:

I couldn’t say it better. Take a few minutes each morning to count your blessings and remember all that you have to be grateful for.

And as my girl Whitney Simmons always likes to say in the beginning of her videos:

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive…”

So everyone have a great day today!


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Realness | Uncategorized


By on April 3, 2017


My version of a disclosure:

So maybe I’ve decided that I’m going to talk about a little more than just getting back into a healthy lifestyle because I’m super extroverted, very ADHD and need a creative outlet.

Right now I’m really just trying to design my own future, a life I love and figure out how to live life on my own terms. Being 23 and trying to act like I know what I want to do with the rest of my life is hard. Half the time I’d like to up and move to the Caribbean and be a bartender.

I’m not even going to try to make this into a perfect blog – I’m far from perfect. Ultimately, I want this to be real af.

What I’d like to write about is what twenty-somethings think and talk about on a daily basis – the fun stuff (my favorite makeup, the best brands – I’m a freaking product junkie), the stupid questions I google, the things people my age don’t like to talk about, what it’s really like being a 23 year old trying to figure out her “life purpose”, all while maintaining a social life (yeah right), a relationship and some semblance of sanity. But I want to be super candid, transparent and authentic – because I think we’re all just trying to live our best life possible.


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So here it goes…

By on March 26, 2017

People ask me all the time how I stay in shape and what I eat but the real answer is…I don’t really work out and I don’t eat all that well. I’m basically skinny fat (gasp!). God, I hate admitting it. But I’m working on it!

I recently finally started working out consistently (almost) and I snap chat basically everything I eat – not because I think people give a crap but really for accountability for myself. If I don’t document it, I can’t keep myself on track. But I’m constantly writing down recipes and the workouts I do in my notes on my phone or in Evernote and in notebooks so I’ve decided to consolidate them and why not do it somewhere that I can share. 

When I say I finally started working out again – I’m lying. I mean this girl hasn’t worked out consistently in her life. I always played sports and was a gymnast so I never had to. Then I went to college – I skipped the freshman 15, but come junior year, it was more than 15. I cringe every time I see pictures. The most consistent working out I’ve ever done in my life was my senior year of college before spring break when I actually did the Kayla Itsines workout for 2-3 months (yeah, that’s pathetic) but it was like pulling teeth. I think I’ve been blessed with some pretty great genes (thank you momma) to not have to work out consistently but I know I need it to stay healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle. Plus working out is such a stress reliever for me.

So here I am, starting this to document my progress. I’m going to share my workouts and what I’m eating each week to keep myself on track. And who knows, maybe some other crazy stuff that goes through a 23 year old’s mind…


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