Getting back into the gym

September 11, 2017

After an unfortunate extended hiatus (got a new job, got a crazy dog, etc.), I’m long over due to get back in the gym. No particular reason why I chose this week, it just happened.

It was kind of a leg day, kind of not. I just wanted to get back in there and do something.

So here’s what I did this morning:

Whitney Simmons – Stretching Routine

Warmup on treadmill:
2 min of walking then 10 min of intervals – 30 seconds sprinting, then 30 seconds off

Push-ups – 15
Ab bikes – 50
Straight leg jackknifes – 25
Straight leg raises – 25

Hip thrusts
Donkey kicks
Fire hydrants
Plank kick backs
Dumbbell roll downs

1-3/4 sumo squats on smith machine w/ 20 lbs – 10
Tricep dips – 10
Walking lunges w/15 lbs – 24

My legs were jelllllo after not squatting for weeks.