Work Wear – Fall Edition

September 21, 2017

So my current job is the first truly corporate job I’ve had where I need to keep it rather professional as far as what I wear – I’m talking no one dresses down in the slightest even on Fridays.

And since it’s finally fall, I’ve been shopping for fall work clothes to prevent the usual staring at my closet routine every morning.

Currently, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of shirts that H&M has that are perfect for work. I’ll share as I find more!

1. V-neck Blouse  // 2. Cotton Shirt // 3. Trumpet-Sleeve Blouse // 4. Viscose Shirt // 5. Wrapover Cotton Blouse // 6. Asymmetic Cotton Blouse // 7. Blouse with Stand-up Collar
8. Shirt with Appliques // 9. One-shoulder Blouse